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Written by innovative curriculum developer and university web instructor Thomas Michaud, this book provides an accessible yet comprehensive look at web design and front-end coding, covering HTML, CSS, design principles and more. You’ll learn HTML semantics, structure, and validation, and how to separate content from design using CSS (levels 1, 2, and 3). Online videos and code examples let you follow along and practice with the code.

  • Some of the other things you’ll learn about include:
  • text elements, links, objects, and tables
  • using the box model for background images, padding, borders, and margins
  • fixed vs. liquid page layout
  • choosing between different navigation models
  • creating and styling forms
  • interactive design with JavaScript and jQuery

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January 26 2014

FOWD Git Responsitory

Foundations of Web Design is developing a repository for Chapter Challenges and teacher resources. More on this in the coming days. Until then, make sure you head over to git.com and follow FOWD on Github! Chapter Challenges The Chapter Challenges Read More

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Thomas Michaud is an assistant professor in the Department of Visual Art and Design at Andrews University, and a full-time lead instructor and coordinator of Interactive/Web Design courses in the BFA program. He also leads development and maintenance of the BFA Web Site for promotional and recruitment purposes. He was formerly web manager for Lane Automotive where he managed Web site development, deployment, and maintenance.